Material Handling Industry and what you need to know

Forklifts are undoubtedly an essential material handling equipment, largely used to move around and arrange heavy items.  Buying the right forklift that fit your needs remarkably is imperative as it ensures an effective inventory and warehouse management. OSKO Lift trucks specialize in designing and manufacturing battery-operated forklifts and pallet trucks that adhere to international standards. If you are looking for a reliable and durable forklift, then OSKO is the name to trust.

Whether you want to buy new warehouse equipment or used one, it is always better to give the machine full inspection before purchase. As there are many available, choosing the best one that suits your needs and deliver industry-leading performance. Narrow aisle trucks, rough terrain machines, electric machines and telescopic machines are a few types of forklifts and you can choose one based on your requirement and available space.

Every equipment serves different purposes, and therefore, makes sure you have clear-cut understanding of what you need for your business. In case, you have no idea about what kind of forklift will suit your business, contact an expert warehouse equipment company. OSKO is a reputed and credible name in the material handling industry, and known for providing superior material handling equipment across the globe.

Following are some prominent reasons that differentiate OSKO Forklifts equipments from other warehouse equipment providers:

# Top-Notch Quality

OSKO has been continuously improving its process to set a benchmark and reach the full potential. The company upholds excellence and quality to deliver breakthrough results.  It follows a strict Quality management System and has a certification to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 that epitomizes superior quality and process.

It has team of qualified and trained technicians who are trained to follow all quality guidelines while manufacturing any material handling equipment. Every equipment has to go through the quality management system to ensure it matches all guidelines and can handle weight and movement effectively.

At every phase of manufacturing process, technicians have to perform the process according to the provided quality manuals. All parameters are properly and comprehensively listed there to ensure effective execution.  Quality check at every phase is mandatory to ensure that the end product would meet the expectation, and pass the quality testing without any failure.

#Certified & Reputable

The quality manual and procedure at OSKO conform to the requirement of AS/NZS ISO 9001:200 and represents the quality standards followed by the company. All the process are performed according to industry norms, in order to ensure that all goods and services offered by Sumi will meet the requirement and expectation of customers properly.

The company has strict control over the entire process, starting from order acceptable, progressive production phase, inspection, testing and dispatch.

# Trained and qualified staff at OSKO has extensive experience of performing Quality management system, and aim to continuously improve design, manufacturing operations and services.


If you are looking for forklifts that deliver quality and performance consistently, OSKO Trucks is the best to trust.


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