Meet An unparalleled football lover and player

Meet An unparalleled football lover and player

William McHale commonly known as Will Mchale to his friends and peers is the son of John and Sally McHale. A well known football player, he decided to be a bit different from his family as his family is more into baseball and this trend has been in place for over a century now. His grandfather is also an athlete and played both baseball as well as football. He is known by the name John Mchale Senior. William has played at Notre Dame for the much acclaimed Detroit Tigers. In fact, here he was also given the role of a general manager (Expos), Braves, and Tiger team. His father being an athlete took active interest in sports and also served as Executive Vice President of the well known Major League Baseball. William McHale is known for being a good line backer player and played several matches at Notre Dame just like his father.

William McHale- The person

Being an athlete, Will Mchale boasts of an enviable physique. He is dynamic and loving and at the same time serious about his game and the role he has to play for his team. With a height of 6.1 feet, he has a huge physique.

As far as his education is concerned, his alma mater is Pierson where he completed his college degree with major in Political Science. He hails from Old Greenwich and was also a good student at school and performed much better than the rest.

Accolades and honor

Since Will Mchale is an extremely talented athlete, rather football player, he is known for his swiftness and promptness in taking the right steps on the field. As such, he was honored for his efficiency and excellence and was made the captain of the team. In fact, owing to his excellent performance he has been conferred upon the Robert Gardner Ander Award for his achievements and hard work. His ideal of success is that being the captain of the team means that he cannot afford to take the faulty moves, rather the entire team should be able to draw inspiration from him and that he is skilled enough to take the right moves on the field being the captain.

Regardless of whether it is handling the ball, dodging it or negotiating dangerous stances, a captain must be able to steer not just the ball but the entire team. Will McHale believed that with time and practice, the ability to control the ball could be achieved. And to develop these set of skills, a player has to devote his time practicing and should be focused on improving the skills over a period of time.

The fact that he was determined to excel in the field of soccer made him one of the most sought after soccer players of all times. His perseverance, patience, passion for the game and inherent ability and attitude to excel in the game and play as a team took him a long way in his career. As such, he is known as one of the better players of soccer of his times.

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