Meet and get to know the story’s of the celebrity hair stylist in Beverly Hills

Meet and get to know the story’s of the celebrity hair stylist in Beverly Hills


Meet Celebrity Hair Stylist of Beverly Hills.

Tina Cassaday.

She specializes in marrying the study of molecular structure, which is tricology with hair color and she’s also a master colorist and cutter. What the molecular structure is, is where the molecules are situated in the hair shaft, how the cortex is, let’s say you came in and you wanted some amazing platinum blonde streaks, but yet she looks at your hair under the microscope and she sees that your cortex are in bad shape, or there’s something that needs to be worked on. She can prep the hair and then customize it to you. After that is when she could do the desired hair style. Without damaging the hair. It’ all about making sure the hair is healthy, Tina Cassaday says.

When Tina was asked who was her first celebrity she hair styled. She said Janet Leigh came in and had been staying on Broadway. She came in and said Dusty.. She was Dusty’s client, and she said Dusty Dusty, the most wonderful thing has happen I had a blow dry when I was in New York. So Dusty looks at Tina and say’s, can you do it? Because he knows Tina is the blow drying queen. So Tina did her hair and she said later that night, she was doing a show and asked if Tina would go with her to do her hair again. There is where Tina Cassaday met all the ladies from the show. Then she ended up meeting Jami Lee Curtis, her daughter and had become best friends as well as her long-term hair stylist.

Liz Kizu. The Director Stylist

from Hiroshi Beverly Hills Hair Design

Liz Kizu, a celebrity hair stylist in Beverly hills. Say’s she first decided to become a hair dresser because she just loved doing her friends hair growing up, as well as her own. She soon realized that she didn’t really have the skill to do it properly and also it was a little later in life and that she had never chosen a profession, and what a fun profession that was, she thought to herself and what a fun place to work, a hair salon, making people feel good about themselves, making their hair look good, just a really positive environment. Liz love’s working with colors the most and is her specialty but she’s a really excellent hair cutter to. Liz say’s before she cut’s a client’s hair. She looks at it and talks to them about their life style. She wants to make sure the hair style she’s giving fits their lifestyle, there face there texture, and that’s what makes it fun to she says. Because everyone has a different head of hair.

Liz Kizu say’s her advice to new hair stylist is don’t give up. That if you stick with it and you eventually learn to do good work, you will build your clients. Keep getting educated. Take as many classes as you can, ask as many questions as you can and just try to be around as many hair stylists you can. Liz say’s everyone she has seen that has stuck with it has eventually succeeded. Don’t give up!


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