Meet The Mystic Lady in the World of Astrology

Meet The Mystic Lady in the World of Astrology

Every religion has its own way of worshiping the Almighty as some believe or few believe it is an unknown universal force/power. Having being brought up in a Jewish family, as she grew up to be a matured lady, she imbibed in her the secret of the family that her forefathers and grandmother practiced. They were Kabbslists. As the secrets of the family passed down from one generation to another, many secrets were lost permanently as Maralyn Burstein’s great great grandfather was slaughtered. With him, there were many secrets that were buried forever.

However, it was Maralyn that was handed over the reins of the Kabbslists. According to Jewish cult, worship means concentrating on a series of numbers, abstract ideas, Torah commentary, and Hebrew alphabet. It is a kind of meditation. Today, Maralyn has mastered the art of astrology. She is a reputed and world class astrologer.

Having developed the knack for astrology, Maralyn Burstein bought several books related to astrology in English. Not only that, she has also completed her academic program in astrology from the well known Faculty of Astrological Studies in England. The course was in-depth in nature and that is what appealed to her the most. After a short program in the subject, she went on to enroll for the doctoral program that was being offered by the institution but took a break the moment she explored the finer aspects of Indian astrology known as Vedic astrology.


During the course of her study and exploration of Indian astrology, there were many teachers that enlightened her in the subject, the most popular ones being Brendan Feeley, K.N Rao, Vinay Aditya, Dr. Charak, and many others.

Having attained knowledge in Astrology of different disciplines, Maralyn Burstein went back to the astrology school she attended in England, where she participated in various seminars and summer astrology sessions. At this point of time, she learned the nuances of another form of astrology known as Horary Astrology from John Frawley.

 Why is she an astrologer with uniqueness?

The best part about her being an astrologer is that since she is well versed in many forms of astrology ranging from Vedic to Horary, she is able to make predictions by applying a mix of principles of these forms of astrology. This is a trait that very few astrologers are capable of. Not only that, she also employs a number of ‘unique techniques’ that gives her an edge over the other astrologers around. This is one reason why her clients keep coming back to her for consultation. Maralyn Burstein holds the ability to talk to you and identify the technique or that form of astrology that will work best for you.

In other words, you get the best of many forms of astrology that will ensure that her predictions are right and in-depth. She has the capability to offer personalized services for the individual clients as well as a corporate businessman if he worried about the way in which things are not working out according to his will and plans.


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