Merapi Jeep Adventure in Yogyakarta

If you are visiting Yogyakarta, especially visiting mount Merapi do not forget to try challenging and fun adventure with Merapi Jeep Adventure. This adventure becomes one of the most popular things to do when visiting mount Merapi. For local or foreign tourists, it becomes the most fun and challenging trip to take in Merapi. With this way, you can explore mount Merapi side in exciting way. There are many places that can be visited during your trip with off-road jeep. The places that are visited will show you about the impact of the last eruption and bring you to imagine how terrify the eruption is. That’s why you should try the jeep tour when visiting Merapi.

When you are visiting mount Merapi but you do not want to climb or hike to the top of the mountain, then you should try Merapi Lava tour and enjoy the beauty of Merapi. This can be a great way to feel the different sensation to explore mount Merapi. Well, you can visit some places in Merapi side and you can feel the atmosphere of Merapi side. Here the places you can visit during your adventure with jeep Merapi adventure track.

  1. Tracking in Rivers

With this off road jeep, you can easily explore and having challenging track to the river. Gendolriver and Opak river becomechallenging track because these rivers are the places where the lava rushed during the eruption.

  1. Explore the rest of Eruption in Petung, Kepuharjo, and Kaliadem Village

If you want to see the rest of last eruption that happened in 2010, you can visit several villages in Merapi. Here you can see the ruin of broken building that will show you how terrify the eruption. One of the villages is the place where “MbahMarijan” the keeper of Merapi was died because of the eruption.

  1. Bunker Kaliadem

The other popular place in Merapi that should be visited is Bunker in Kaliadem. The view around the bunker is beautiful and become perfect spot to visit in Kaliadem. In 2006, this bunker becomes the witness of dreadful eruption of Merapi. There are two people who try to escape from the eruption and trapped inside the bunker until they found dead inside.

  1. SisaHartaku Museum

This is one of unique and attractive place to visit in Merapi. After last eruption in 2010, many people lost their treasure and one family makes this museum with the rest of their treasure. They are showcased the rest of their treasure that found such as dead animal skull, broken motorcycle and so on in the ruin of the building.

  1. Batu Gajah danBatu Alien

When you have Merapi Jeep Adventurewith jeep tour, you will pass big stones then later called as batu Alien and batu Gajah that surround by beautiful view of Merapi.

There are many ways which are exciting and fun to explore the beauty and nature of mount Merapi. If you are visiting mount Merapi, you have to try Merapi Jeep Adventure and feel the real adventure in open road.


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