Morning Desert Safari and the Adventures


What an incredible start to morning would it be if one gets to witness a desert worth describing as surreal? Well, let’s reveal what is it about. Morning desert safari is all you need to acknowledge while you are visiting Dubai. There is no feeling of peace and tranquility other than visiting the morning desert safari. Take out a day from your busy schedule and spend it on a morning desert safari with your friends and family.


The first and the most adventurous thing you’d come across at the morning desert safari would be dune bashing. Think of a glorious sunny yet windy morning spent at a desert while admiring the beauty of nature. Dune bashing is really fun when your stomach tickles a bit as you reach the top of the steep dune and rush towards the bottom. Morning desert safari is such a refreshing start to your day and cherry on the top is dunes blowing away across the desert giving a magnificent view. Well, the dune bashing almost if for 45 minutes and believe me it is worth it.


It is preferred to get on a camel ride right after you do dune bashing. The reason behind this is that the camels are fresh and active in the morning and you’d feel amazing riding on them with much energy. These are the pros of going on a morning desert safari where you get to watch the beautiful daylight and the beauty of the desert. It depends how much time you want to ride on a camel at the morning desert safari until they ask for extra charges. Haha! Get some pictures captured as a beautiful memory and experience the next activity.


Have you ever been to ice skating? If yes then you are supposed to enjoy sand boarding since you know the balancing tactic. If you are unaware then nothing to worry, there are guides at the morning desert safari helping you figure out how to skate. The wind brushing against your hair and cheeks is something different and unique which is really not found in the city’s hustle bustle. Sandboarding is so much fun in the morning desert safari if you are with friends who give a good company.


Well, if you have a wish to ride a bike since forever then it is definitely fulfilled here in the morning desert safari. Gather up some people who are interested to compete with you and get started! The feeling of freedom is something you’d love while riding the bike. If you are allergic to sand put on a mask for precautionary measures and enjoy the sun and wind blowing across the beautiful desert.


Most of the guides do not have brunch included in the package but it is preferable to have it included. How is it even adventurous without food? Haha! You will be served Arabic tea at the end that would sum up your day at the morning desert safari.

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