Multinational Businesses Benefit the Community with Philanthropy

Multinational Businesses Benefit the Community with Philanthropy

Many people appreciate and understand what philanthropy is and deliberate it to be charitable giving to those in need. You might even go far-off as to identify the necessity behind it to uplift the welfare of other people and earnest causes. The Greek word can be broken down into two Greek words, Philos and Anthropos, the former meaning, caring for, loving and nurturing, and the second meaning, humanity. Literally, the term means ‘love for humanity’, as in developing, protecting and elevating human potential. Nowadays, we consider philanthropy to be private giving for the public good and consider developing human potential to be improving people’s quality of life.

According to Marc J Leder Sun Capital who is the CEO of the company, Sun Capital Partners has long acknowledged the significant work that Boca Helping Hands executes, and we feel it is significant to carry on our support of the organization as it is evident that many poor people are still struggling to make their ends meet. Our teams proudly support the organization by volunteering and organizing food drives at Boca Helping Hands. We all appreciate its vibrant role in the local community, and hence we are happy to do our portion to fight poverty and hunger in the region. Boca Helping Hands provides food, financial and medical assistance to meet basic human requirements as well as education, job training and guidance to create self-sufficiency.

In 2007, the Sun Capital Partners Foundation, Inc. was established to tie the Sun Capital family – Sun Capital’s portfolio companies, employees and business partners in a resolute philanthropic effort. The considerable support of our personnel, along with their passion for making an impact in the community, the Foundation serves to augment Sun Capital’s strong ethos of giving back and social engagement.

Sun Capital Partners CEO and founder, Marc J Leder Sun Capital have always believed that achievement brings with it an accountability to make a difference in our societies. The Organization aims to fulfill its operation of promoting positive, sustainable, change by supporting innovative non-profit groups. We considerately select grounds that address vital community issues and needs. We are also dedicated to provide considerate service through assistance and food programs to families, individuals, and children to break the cycle of dependence and instill dignity.

In today’s economy, where administrations are running huge discrepancies and many valuable projects are being eliminated completely, especially by state and local governments, charities need contributions as well as volunteers to fulfill their significant missions. By reducing their expenses, individuals can volunteer their own personal labor and their time, to help philanthropies better deal with. If a charity or philanthropy can save money on expenditures, it can frequently ‘stretch’ its funds further into significant programming.

Although these various definitions and explanations can explain the term philanthropy, we can see to some degree even deeper inside, which is to care for and love all that it means to be a human being. While the explanations are philosophical, they also bring forth morals and ethics into the equivalence. The notion is that we can become more benevolent and thus human in the course, by striving towards superiority in three main aspects–minds, body and spirit.


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