Raspberry ketones for extra strength

Raspberry ketones for extra strength


Apart from assisting in losing weight the raspberry ketones also promote overall wellness in the person taking these supplements. These supplements are composed of many bioactive nutrients and other compounds that enhance the health of a person as they have vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and flavonoids in them.

Major component

The component ketone gives the aroma of a fruit to these supplements. These are the most popular supplementary for weight loss for their dual action of suppressing hunger and burning fat by boosting energy in the body.  The ultimate effect of these is much improved physique and improved health.

Although they have gained wide popularity, there are very few studies proving the effective of these supplements. Few studies have been conducted but they were not on humans but on mice and rats. These studies showed that the supplements help in inhibiting the belly fat and liver fat. Another studies proved that the molecular composition of the ketone has impact on the hormone adiponectin, which is a major component for breaking down of fatty acids.

Raspberry ketone product claims to stop the depositing of fat in body by improving metabolism but these claims are to be verified to know if the product really stands up to what it claims.

The dosage of the supplement varies from one brand to another brand and also with the manufacturer. Some tablets have 82 mg of pure raspberry ketones in them, whereas some of them have 500 mg of pure raspberry ketones in them. The normal dosage that is usually suggested is 2 capsules per day each containing 100 mg of ketones in them.

The capsule form of supplements contains lower strengths than the tablets because of the difference in the composition. Capsules get dissolved in the body much quickly than the tablets, and hence lower amounts are required to produce same results as tablets.

It is not just strength of the tablet that is important but also the brand and manufacturer that needs to be given emphasis. Products containing less number of ingredient, fewer blinders and fillers must be selected. They can be bought easily online on various websites including Amazon. The prices of these supplements also vary depending upon the brand and manufacturer from $10 to $30. Click here to learn more.

Huge variety of ketone products are available, some of them are available in combination with green tea as well. Most of the people use the 500 mg variant of tablets as they are easily swallowed.

Consulting a physician

If one is not sure about the variety of supplement to choose form, they can take a physician’s advice. Another benefit of taking a physician’s advice is that, if there are going to be any potential side effects based upon the medical history and current diagnosis can be known.

It must be noted that these are only supplementary and they only boost the weight loss programs. A person has to put in the effort by working out and following a strict diet regimen if they want to lose weight, raspberry ketone supplements alone can’t help in getting the desired results.


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