Reasons Behind The Demand For Littmann Stethoscopes

Reasons Behind The Demand For Littmann Stethoscopes

Ask any medical professional what he/she did when they started their medical career? The answer is – they bought the best stethoscope and hung it around the necks to get the feel of belonging to the noble profession! Keeping aside the symbolism, the device in question is among the most basic and extensively used tools. Its utility in auscultation is beyond doubt and doctors get to listen the body sounds and diagnose the patients afterwards. But the question is – why so many professionals trust littmann stethoscopes when other brands are also available in the market? Well, it has something to do with quality, and heritage!

Here are some of reasons behind the demand of littmann stethoscopes –

  • They are loaded with domain-specific features and add a lot of value to professionals in the medical profession
  • The device is great to listen to either high or low frequency sounds with ease
  • The age of patients does not limit the ability of these quality devices in regard to producing sounds
  • It’s loaded with two tunable diaphragms for both adult and pediatric
  • Clear body sounds are produced and it helps doctors make an accurate diagnosis of their patients
  • The design is laced with two tubes which eliminates any noise problems obstructing clear acoustics
  • The device is very cozy for wearing and also for hearing, and they deliver a perfect fit to ear sizes
  • There is the seal which helps doctors hear the actual sounds more clearly
  • You can buy littmann stethoscope online India and expect the device’s pressure to not hurt you at all
  • These devices carry a very durable design as they are created with very resilient materials and tend to be of tough built
  • These stethoscopes are so robustly built that they don’t face any issue in facing the tear & wear that comes from regular use
  • The stethoscopes from littmann can last for several years, provided they are used in a proper manner and with due care
  • These devices come in many colors which is not the case with stethoscopes from other brands or models
  • They are considered superior for the kind of precision and accuracy delivered
  • These stethoscopes continue to get developed and improve feature-wise, so they accommodate to the modern needs perfectly
  • They are developed to help doctors pick even the most difficult of body sounds from heart, lungs etc. despite noises around
  • You can use them to reduce distracting room noises to a considerable level and boost the level of acoustics
  • They are fitted with a unique tunable diaphragm technology that lends it versatility for adaptive use
  • The pressure on the chest can be altered to change it from bell to diaphragm mode and so on
  • They are available in different types, including the electronic, infant, pediatric and veterinary
  • The littmann line of stethoscopes are a must-have tool for cardiologistsboth adult and pediatric auscultation
  • They are leading the domain since 1964 when David Littmann, a renowned cardiologist, developed them
  • The features keep getting updates from time to time making the device that much in demand


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