Renewing car insurance online? – look out for discounts offered by Bajaj Allianz

Talking about online renewal of the policies every company is trying its best to offer best packages to the customers and it is very useful as it comes to the customer because of the increased competition among these insurance coverage giants the user gets the best quality service and products among them and due to the online portals customer can easily browse through key highlights of every other package given by the different companies and then can decide on which particular policy to be chosen.

Bajaj Allianz also has stepped forward in this cut throat competition to provide its best quality service to the customers with attractive packages and discounts over different categories. These discounts decide on whether the user is agreeing to the package or not and this can be deduced by different surveys. Bajaj Allianz has provided several discounts over many of the running facilities in the revised versions of their policies.

The discounts include special highlights by Bajaj Allianz, Cashless claim settlement can be done for the repair of the vehicle at almost 4000 garages all over India. Also if cashless garage facility is not available, user can get 75% of the original claim amount. A very nice add on which is not actually a discount but a facility and supports financially, is user can transfer the “no claim bonus” amount from any insurer to the Bajaj Allianz car insurance cover up to 50% for your car.

The discounts must be looked forward to, because sometime user spend some amount of money in upgrading the security and alarm setup in the car, the user can get the compensation in the form of discount by Bajaj Allianz for the setup of anti theft alarm and up gradation of security. Which quite a justice when anyway Bajaj Allianz was supporting insurance cover over Theft also.

The discounting is done on similar basis where the user has taken care of the car over reducing the chances of getting the car damage or burdened by the car loss. The company encourages the user to take such safety measures and do not depend completely upon the insurance, which could well prove to be bad for the user. The companies hence offer different kinds of discounts over different plans to encourage the insured.

When you are looking for a car insurance online it is pretty much recommended to see the discount offers those come up while you are registering. These some offers come as promo codes sometimes. And can be availed at the time of registration or renewal itself. The discount policy is also bound with certain rules, and before availing any of them one must know when and how to use the discount over car insurance premium or the payable dues. It is very convenient to look for discounts online as they appear on the screen or can catch your eye online. But which is certainly could be trap sometimes to draw client out of the maximum profit, so choose wisely.


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