SAP Certifications – Jack of all arts and Master of specialization module

SAP Certifications – Jack of all arts and Master of specialization module

Working in the domain of SAP with multitude modules making headway into corporate establishments makes it imperative for a professional not only to have an innate interest, but also to demonstrate a high level of expertise in his chosen area of SAP. This expertise will be the result of going through SAP training and clearing the SAP certification exam to be bestowed with a documentary proof of a testimony of skill and expertise in the chosen SAP module.

SAP encourages a blend of technical knowledge with hands on experience as the basic prerequisites for specializing in a particular domain. This has hence led to the classification of certifications offered by SAP.

Certification and its Value – Prime Concern

SAP Education which provides SAP training in conjunction with the Certification & Enablement Influence Council has extended dedicated efforts to enhance the value of certification and improve the quality of exams. This led to a large chunk of customers and partners to regard certification as an authentication for their investment into training. On the flip side, an enormous surge in unfair practices has hit hard demonstrating the loopholes in the evaluation procedure, thus raising a challenge concerning the security of the exam. Efforts in this direction have furthered the protection of the certification status.

Broadly classified into 2 levels of certification, SAP AG provides certifications to incumbents willing to pursue a career in SAP.

The Associate Certification

This certification revolves around the basic knowledge requirements for an SAP consultant to be abreast with a broad range of SAP solutions and technical skills. A project team member with an associate certificate can gain a, overview of skills that are most sought after by clients. Confidence in handling issues concerning SAP and standing out in the technical market place will be the benefits of opting for an associate certification.

Professional Certification – An advanced Certification

As the name mentions, this advanced certification calls for proven hands on project experience, with a combination of business process management knowledge, in addition to a holistic comprehension of SAP solutions.

The professional certification will benefit the consultant to show up his experience when confronted with dealing SAP operations. A clear demonstration of his technical expertise is manifested in the form of leading and executing tasks with prowess. All these in tandem lead to a consistent globally acceptable standard of performance, thus raising the level of revenue demanding high rates of billing.

Master Certification (in progress)

Master certification is the next step to professional certification which involves demonstrating the expertise of an SME (subject matter expert) in matters concerning specific SAP modules which are in vogue in an organization. The certification process which is underway is aimed at driving innovation, to bring about a comprehensive solution optimization through in-depth knowledge and foresight.

A broad project driven experience in association with a complete know-how of SAP products will be essential for this certification to result in creating future IT solutions, under the umbrella of complex project environments.

An exclusivity to be recognized as an SME in the SAP community of visionary experts will make the master professional define the scope and drive the process of a long term business strategy.

As there is significant overlap between the various modules that are in use in any organization, it is expected that a SAP professional should continuously study, undergo SAP training thoroughly and gather expertise in more than just the core module he started off with. A regular update on the products and programs is always suggestive. Only then can he keep up with the expected requirements from his performance and be able to accomplish tasks assigned to him completely and successfully.


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