Scott Jay Abraham – Adding Conscience to Innovation

Scott Jay Abraham – Adding Conscience to Innovation

Till a few years ago, farmers and ranch owners had been very reckless and had not spared a thought to the general well-being of their farm animals or their farmlands. They had used pesticides, fungicides and other repellents to ensure that bugs do not spoil the crops. In the present world, there is a rise in the demand for crops and people have to ensure they get their healthy foods like milk, eggs, vegetables, and fruits all in right quantity every day on their table. But the fact is owing to the mounting pressure to feed many mouths, the farmers have to put pressure and sometimes use artificial means to increase the yield.

In the past, in a plot of land, a farmer would cultivate crops as per the season and would never leave it vacant. But then that would surely put the lands to use while also risking that their fertility would be lose early. This is the reason that today, scientists and researchers working under the guidance of Scott Jay Abraham have come up to finding out different healthier ways to increase the yield and take care of the general health of the farm animals and crops too.

Is it essential to take care of the farm and farm animals?

Where many farmers have come to realize that there is great demand for dairy products or for the other purposes like meat for consumption, many others are trying to increase the produce. The process is not natural; it also means that one would have to seek resort to using scientific measures to increase the productivity. There are several scientific means to increase the cattle animals and the number of the cows and the chicken to start with from, Artificial Insemination, to Embryo transfer technique popularly known as ETT done worldwide by farmers who have limited resources and yet who would like to take science and technology to increase the supply of animals for meat.

These are proven methods and though artificial, they have been found helpful by one and all. The quality of crops and animals would go down if they do not get proper nourishment too. So, it becomes the responsibility of people like Scott Jay Abraham and his team of scientists who would develop medicines and necessary energy boosts and other enriching foods to increase their immunity towards diseases and make them healthy. Similar methods of spraying the crops and the fields with medicines and with fertilizers that are environment friendly are done and have been found helpful.

Commitment towards a healthy life:

Scott Jay Abraham and his team have understood that to ensure that they do something for boosting the health of the crops and the farm animals they would have commitment towards nature. Therefore, they commit to bringing out methods and boosters that would only help them in their growth, general health and nothing else. The environment would not get affected and only the nature would get to suit itself with the rise in demand as usual.


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