Shade Cloth Printing – How to Protect Your Signage

Shade cloth signages have gained wide popularity and more and more people are using this outdoor advertising media as it is a cheaper advertising option with a lot of flexibility and wide reach. It is common sight that every nook and corner of your city is strewn with signages printed on shade cloth.  The visibility of these signages to all kinds of passersby – from pedestrians to drivers makes it an inevitable choice for advertisers.  The signanges are manufactured from vinyl and high density polyethylene substrates that can withstand the strains of the environment and weather thereby imparting long life to it. Special printing technology and use of special inks enhance prolonged lasting of the displayed advertisement that remains unaffected by weather. But the benefits of long lasting are often nullified by vandals who do not hesitate to deface billboards, banners and hoardings with tagging and graffiti.

Need to protect

The effects of vandalism on outdoor advertising can prove to be quite costly.  Vandals are merciless in their acts and use spray cans, different kinds of pens and several other devices and implements to give an ugly look to banners and hoardings as the printed text and images are submerged beneath the layer of graffiti and tags applied on it. Chances of salvaging the affected banners are not always high and even if it can be done, the cost can prove to be prohibitive. It is thus imperative that you have to take steps to protect signages from vandals.

How to protect?

Your investment in signages can be protected by using anti-graffiti coating. The anti graffiti coating is an invisible layer of chemical that is applied on printed signages by using a liquid coating machine that has been specially made for this purpose. The coating forms a layer upon the printed media. There are two different levels of protection available and the anti graffiti comes in matt and gloss finish that makes removal of graffiti easy without affecting the printed matter.

The protective layer

The beauty of the anti-graffiti coating is that when it is done, it allows vandals to play truant but at the same time it allows the signage owners to remove the graffiti without affecting the printed ink. This means that after the graffiti has been removed, the signage regains its original looks without any sign of damage. A simple cleaning action can save several dollars that would have to be spent if the signages had to be replaced. Depending on the extent of vandalism and the number of signage involved, the financial savings could be quite significant.

Added benefits

Although protection from vandalism is the primary objective of the anti graffiti coating, there are some added benefits to it.  The coating resists the growth of molds and mildew, acts as an UV resistant coating and even resists the stains arising from adhesive tapes that are often used by vandals.

The weather resistant quality of HDPE and vinyl substrates are further reinforced by the anti graffiti coating and you are ensured of fade free protection for four years.


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