Side Effects of Clenbuterol

The worst thing about humans is that when something starts affecting positively on their body, they consume the thing more than the required dosage. When you over consume a particular product or medicine, there is no way in which you can save yourself from its side-effects; dangerous things are bound to happen to your body, if you overly consume Clenbuterol (Clen), which is a sympathomimetic drug.
If you have been consuming Clen since quite some time now, it is time for you to know that there is always a limit that you need to set to how much product you need to consume and for how long. Here are some of the worst side-effects of over consumption of Clen:

  • Insomnia or sleeplessness: Due to this sympathomimetic drug, you can go through the problem of insomnia. When there is so much energy in your body, you have to make sure that you channelize it properly. Unless you agree to channelize it, there is no way in which you can sleep at night.
  • No hunger at all: There are chances for you to not eat anything at all. Would you really want to miss out on all those tasty things that you once really liked? Eating what you like is okay once in a while.
  • Erectile dysfunction: If your body has excessive Clen, you are bound to go through the problem of erectile dysfunction, which simply disrupts your entire sexual life.
  • Muscle cramps: Muscle cramping is no normal thing, if you have been consuming Clen for a long time; it is a severe side-effect of this product’s consumption.
  • Headaches: If you have been experiencing headaches or migraine attacks, it may be due to Clen. Keep an eye on your dosage of this product.
  • Anxiety attacks: Panic or anxiety attacks happen to all those, who have a huge amount of Clen in their body. Keep away from over-consumption and you can surely protect yourself from such attacks.
  • Disturbing side-effects in pregnant women: First of all, no weight loss product is meant to be consumed by pregnant women. Such products lead to complicated child delivery and defective births as well.
  • Heavy sweating: If you sweat a lot these days, your body wants you to stop with the consumption of Clen.
  • Abnormal palpitations: Due to this sympathomimetic drug, you may go through abnormal heart palpitations.
  • Serious heart problems: Over-consumption of Clen can lead to serious heart related problems.


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