Some Common Online Dating Blunders to Avoid at All Cost

Some Common Online Dating Blunders to Avoid at All Cost

If you are active in the world of online dating, you already know the do’s and dont’s. However, the world of online dating is gradually expanding and many more people are joining in every passing day. The problem with the varying success rate of different people who are engaged in the world of dating is because different people have different approach. One need to remember that even though the world of online dating might seem easy, it is not always a cakewalk. And, the people need to make that effort to find the right dating partner, especially because just like in the offline world, there is a heavy competition in the online dating scene as well.

There are many people looking to find their dream dating partner online, and you need to know the dating blunders that you should avoid, else your success rate in finding the right dating partner would go down the hill as well.  First of all, make sure that you register in a good online dating site like, and then make a good profile to impress the fellow members of opposite genders in the dating community. To make sure that you are able to find the dream dating partner quickly, there are several common mistakes you need to avoid, which are as follows –

  • Never post your best photo in the profile. Choose a photo that’s looks realistic and is clear.
  • Before making contact with a person on online dating websites, take the time to read their profiles. It makes your search for the perfect someone more efficient as you can choose person who has similar hobbies and interests as you.
  • If you have sent a message to someone and have not heard back from them, they probably don’t see you as a good fit or are busy. So not stalk them, just move on.
  • When you write your first page, do not just copy paste an introduction in all the messages you receive. Instead, take time to read their profile and see if you have similar interests or hobbies to talk about. They make great conversation starters. Most people know the generic messages and will not respond to most of them. Also, write something more engaging than just a simple ‘hi’.

Online Dating Mistakes

If you really want to make sure that you be successful in the world of online dating, these are the few blunders you must avoid. It would help you make the most of your time that you spend on online dating, and will also ensure that you find your dream partner without much struggle.

Author Bio – Peter Ferra is a reputed relationship counsellor and also runs a blog on how online dating is the new way to go in the modern times. He has many fans online and offline, who regularly visit his blog to understand how to find their love interest online without hassles.


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