Some facts about the stress

Some facts about the stress

Confrontations, deadlines, frustration and even competitions add depth to stress. Any change in environment, death, homesickness, anxiety about uncertainty in life and future lead to big stress in the life. In this article you can know about the some facts on stress which can help you in knowing what stress really is and what it can do to your health.

The effect of stress leads to heart problems, medical illnesses, high blood pressure, stomach problems and headaches. Stress can also affect the immune system which can protect us from several diseases. It also contributes to the overall development of the obesity, drug, alcoholism and cigarette addiction and various other harmful behaviours. Stress can bring hair loss, memory loss, aging process and increase in building fat or body weight.

If you are feeling experience regular stress at work, then you are five times more likely to fall sick easily. It would lead to so many health related problems and very difficult to overcome from it. So, never take more stress and if you cannot handle it, then make sure you are not taking it.

Stress also causes many fatal effects to the women. In women, stress cause hair loss, insomnia, fatigue, disruption of menstrual, bad complexion, lack of orgasm and low libido. There are many other effects which are in the list. Women may be at higher risk than men.

If you are working mother, regardless of whether you are married or not, you would be facing higher stress levels and adverse health effects. The reason behind this is you would be taking more work than men or other women. Stresses also have a harmful and domino effect on the children.

Aggressive or depressed mothers are high sources of stress in children, even more vital than overcrowding or poverty. Some children are frequent victims of stress because they are unable to communicate their feeling or response to any events on which they would have no control.

Girls can be more stressed from the interpersonal situations and stress can lead to depression in girls than in boys. In boys the changing schools or poor grades are the vital source of the stress. The elderly people can also get major stress such as the medical problems, the loss of friends and spouse, financial worries and change in a living situation.

Mental disabled family members are more on the risk of chronic stress. Any spouses taking care of a disabled partner are vulnerable to a range of stress related problems. If you are caring for a spouse with minor disabilities, then it can induce severe stress. Wives experience greater stress from their husbands while caring them. How many kratom capsules to take

Hope, you read all the important facts about the stress and following them from today. You shouldn’t take stress at any cost otherwise you would be ending up with so many problems. Always lead a stressful life and enjoy every bit of your life. Life is for enjoy and not for taking any kind of stress.

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