Some important Baltimore police scanner codes for public

Eberhardt gave a good view to the personality of cities in Baltimore in wide range of frequencies through his online project. This project focuses on the chatter box of the police officials, and the crackle in their talk when they deal the case. Baltimore is a city in northern Maryland in which people always stuck in traffic and the sounds of the scanners always feel noisy because of the blocked roads and UN controlled traffic. The police scanner audio is the part of public domain and they don’t have to feel like eavesdropping the conversations between the dispatchers and the responders. Since the police feels like the criminals are eavesdropping the information through the police scanners they started using the codes and numbers when they talk about the important issues. Once Eberhardt’s added some ambient music with the police audio, the resulting sound was full of white noise and breathless car chase sounds. Some app adds some background music into the police audio which makes the listeners feel interesting and cinematic talk.

Baltimore police scanner app help the people moving in the city to get the idea about the spots which are dangerous. By listening into the police app, you can listen and note down the locations which is mentioned as the dangerous by the police officers. People can use the information while they travel in the particular place by installing some security cameras and door locks. The code 10-1 is used to inform the police to check the signal and if the signal is poor they use the police scanner apps. To inform the responder that they are hearing the voice they are using the code 10-4 and if they don’t hear they use the code 10-5. If the responder did not hear the last transmission they can use the code 10-9 which means that the dispatcher has to repeat the last transmission talk.

Journalists also use the Baltimore police scanner app to know where they have to go to get news about the current issues. This helps them to follow the police and investigate about the crime directly to the police immediately without any time delay. This live broadcast is very much useful and informative for the public to get the latest news and get updated details about the case. If you are a journalist you can get the live audio about the crime scene and it will be useful for them to write the news. You can use this in home to inform the police about the crime things happening around you which will help you to escape from the criminals around you. If you want to switch to any other city wide channel you can use the police scanner apps and code 10-26 and if police wants to check the criminals records they can use the code 10-29. Sometimes the police scanner is very useful for the public to use the police audio as an evidence for any type of cases. Baltimore is a very least safe place in the country United States because of the large number of criminal cases, so the public actually need the police scanner app to get relieved from the criminals. Baltimore is considered as the top most dangerous city in the country by 4% of the people live in Baltimore because several criminal cases are too difficult. The crime rate of the Baltimore is large as one in two women is raped and 3 times the national average people are assaulted and 4 times the people are robbed.


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