State of Stanozolol Steroid Products

State of Stanozolol Steroid Products

You may encounter the word steroid in the most news regarding athletes related to cheating in their sport through the use of such performance enhancing drugs or you heard of it from your gym mates recommending the use of such product to tone your muscle and lose weight faster.  The most common type of steroid you will probably see is those in a form of stanozolol. But what are these so called steroids and is it available to everyone?

The stanozolol is a synthesized type of anabolic steroid that derived from testosterone. It is most well known by its brand names such as Stanazol 50, Winstrobolin, and the most famous one which is the Winstrol. The US Food and Drug Administration have already declared such substance as Schedule III under the federal regulation under the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004.

Banned in Sport

The Stanozolol becomes popular especially among competing athletes due to its potent effects of providing a burst of strength, speed, and overall endurance. Since its gives boost on the main three essential attributes that used in sport, it was mandatory banned in the field. A famous case of it is the situation related to the Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, at which the International Olympic Committee has stripped him of his gold medal for the 100-meter sprint competition in 1988 due to the positive test of the presence of stanozolol in his system.

Since it is considered as a performance enhancing drug, the ban has not been lifted ever since.  Since then, athletes become wearier in taking up supplements such as vitamins and dietary products because in some cases, stanozolol was detected in a smaller quantity. Hence, athletes are stricter and become more responsible in their supplement regardless of the labeling of the manufacturers to safeguard themselves.

Medical Purpose

With the negative reaction in sport, the stanozolol found popularity in use and positive impact in the field of medicine. It was successful in treating anemia and conditions such as hereditary angioedema. It is also being used to counter swelling of the joints and muscles due to the increased protein synthesis. There are also seen benefits gained by people suffering from osteoporosis.

It is also prescribed for weight loss management and as a treatment for specific breast cancer in women. Even though it has many medical uses, it has adverse side effects that can be developed over time regardless of the dosage and its cycle.

Bodybuilders’ Buddy

Many bodybuilders use it since it helps them in achieving the body mass they want. Since the stanozolol has the benefits of reducing Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), it increases the testosterone to be used by our body. Hence, it significantly increases the hormone for the growth of the muscles tissues and at the same, providing more power to the body.

It is also recommended for bodybuilders who are dieting. Stanozolol is a type of anabolic steroid that does not makes your body bulky; instead, it is more on the quality of the muscle. Therefore, it does not increase the size of the muscle but more on the build up of endurance and strength of it.


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