Stratfor Global Intelligence – An Agency with an Ability to Forecast Events Accurately

Federal intelligence agencies around the world always look for ways to develop new methodologies so that the collected data can be processed accurately to predict world events. Data mining is as a result done which includes now the social networking sites too. However, it is not possible for everyone to forecast events accurately as it needs a certain level of expertise in the same and a team of dedicated intelligent analysts with a knowledge base in multiple domains.

One among these is the reputed Stratfor Global Intelligence agency based in Austin in Texas, United States of America. The agency mainly collects open source information from all over the world and then identify the one that are of significant geo-political nature so that they can be focused and analyzed by their experts.

A broad understanding of geo-political framework

An understanding of the geo-political framework comes handy for any intelligence agency and Stratfor Global Intelligence is not an exception as the agency emphasis heavily on first having a broad understanding of the same. It also focus a lot on the leaders of a nation whose actions can have a major impact on world events or can trigger a chain of events of great significance in the near future. While the local and international media remains focused on the speeches and subjective desires of such leaders, the agency experts look at other signs and gestures of the same that may lead them to a clue about their future actions or behaviors.

Not meant to make advocacy statements

The agency is unlike other federal intelligence agencies that often advocate what should happen as per their intelligence reports or analysis of collected data. The agency in fact, solely offers predictions that tell exactly what will happen in the course of few months or in a next decade. It is rigorously non-governmental with no affiliation to any political party and keeps itself away from the US governmental influence too. This refrain it, from indulging into making any advocacy statements for the public.

Forecasts that turn true!

The agency has a history of accurate forecasts of which some proved to be of global significance. However, some of them are stated below.

  • Peak of East Asian Economies during 1996-1997
  • Philippine President to be removed within 6 year office term
  • Economic crisis gripping Europe with a wider impact
  • Shift of Jehadi movement from Al Qaeda to regional spin off groups
  • Resurgence of the power of Russia as a geo-political power
  • Failure of an uprising in Iran
  • Greece seeking a bailout due to acute economic crisis
  • Use of an underwear bomb to threat aviation
  • Strategic partnership of USA and Iran in 2014-15
  • Banking bail out for Spain

Clearly, the intelligence agency, Stratfor is different from its contemporaries and is matchless in terms of the expertise which offers it a unique ability to forecasts events accurately. No wonder, there has been always a long list of subscribers of its detailed published reports.


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