Teaching your kids about the proper ways of recycling

Teaching your kids about the proper ways of recycling

As parents, it is very important for you to inculcate the habit of recycling in your child at each and every stage of his growing up. It will not really take much time to help them understand how garbage impacts the health of our planet. Just follow the 3 Rs in this regard—Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Environment sustainability remains one of our basic needs today and after us, it’s our kids who are going to take charge of things. So, it’s only advisable that the elders teach them the right values in this regard. Discussed below are a few points which might help you in teaching your kids about recycling.

How can you teach your kids about recycling?

Read books: Start off by reading books about recycling. There are several books available in the market, which help you regarding this. These children’s books offer real interesting ways to recycle stuff. As a kid, your kid might not be interested in lengthy and drab discourses about recycling, Earth Day or hazardous waste management. So, make sure you are taking help of these children’s books. As you read these books out don’t forget to tell your kids how you want to introduce recycling at home.

Consider recycling classes: If you want you can even get your children enrolled in recycling classes where they will get a chance to meet new people and learn the basics of recycling. They will be taught about the proper ways of recycling and its importance for the sustenance of the planet. You can look up for these classes online.

What else?

Besides reading out books and seeking help of the recycling classes, please ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that your kids never forget about recycling even for a moment. Make different colored bins and place them in their rooms and toilet. The separate bins should be dedicated to separate items including, paper, plastic, aerosol cans among others. Set them recycling goals for a week or so and find out if they have been able to fulfill that goal or not and reward them in accordance.

Talking about aerosol can disposal, it must be remembered that in most of the states they are treated as hazardous wastes if they are not drained completely of both their product and the propellant. The propellant, packed under pressure, might lead the can to burst when exposed to heat. The container might as well require puncturing in certain cases. Make sure your child is not trying to puncture it on his own and ending up hurting himself in the process. Take these cans to licensed puncturers.


Last but not the least, it is important for you to lead by examples. You cannot expect your kids to reduce the unnecessary use of disposable items if you yourself are not doing the same.

Besides educating your kids about the proper ways of recycling, you shouldn’t stop educating yourself about the same as well. Please make sure you are keeping yourself updated about the recycling programs taking place in your neighborhood and taking your kids there.


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