The Inspiration behind Fratelle Remarkable Hair dressers

The Inspiration behind Fratelle Remarkable Hair dressers

Hair dressing is an art that requires an amazing talent as wells as creative mind to excel. This is because the style on a person’s hair is an extension of individuality and the aspect of uniqueness must be incorporated.

Fratelle’s hair dressers must have a deep consciousness of this fact and must have learnt over the years to truly inspire its clientele. Hair styling enhance image and almost every person aspires a good one. It is good sense for hair dressers have the knack for comprehending the needs of the clients and satisfying them.

Good hairdressers

This then brings us to the question of inspiration. What is the drive behind fantastic hairdressers? What motivates Fratelle’s hairdressers that make them standout in Melbourne?

Well the story of many hair technicians vary but below all is the inherent desire to bring out the best in people, the satisfaction of making people look their best. The money making aspect almost miraculously comes second. The dream of every business founder is always the guiding principle of the establishment. The ability to share this dream with the team gives it the ability to forge inspiration. And so the story of hair dressers is that of the joy of seeing the client looking amazing.

Hair dressers

Passion and inspiration

This inspiration is at times acquired as one grows and the influence of close relations and mentors. Good hairdressers have all worked at the feet of remarkable hair stylist and so the fire that burn in their bellies is acquired from seeing others work. And so almost every hairdresser has a hero, someone they believe has earned the respect and whose work they look to for challenge and aspiration. This desire to be as the hero drives them to heights of imaginativeness that others can’t reach. Fratelle’s hairdressers south yarra have their own inspirations, the amazing satisfaction of creative remarkable effects out of something natural.


Then there is the commitment to excellence. Melbourne is a city of style and opulence. Salons have their standards so high. Creativity in haircare and make up is top notch which sets ground for ever improving levels of creativity. This also dictates the style, deco and customer care in the various salons.  Customers flocked the salons that offer friendly services.

Hospitality skills are key for hairdressers. Clients in Melbourne have a consensus as to the quality of treatment at Fratelle hair and make-up Salon. It’s excellent and this guarantees the loyalty of customers over the thirty years of its existence.

Passion breeds excellence and from the over seventy awards and accolades that Fratelle has received over the years, what can one say?

Fratelle has some of the finest most inspired hairdressers! I would want to have my hair done there, you would want to have their creative styles on your hair and what’s more, you will love being part of their client community. This is of course considering the complimentary offers of drinks, gift cards among other things. They say excellence is a habit, for Fratelle, they have been doing it for so long that by now they have a pretty good idea how to achieve it.


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