The most common mistakes people make when driving

The most common mistakes people make when driving

Many novice motorists mistakenly believe that driving a car for 2-3 months is a sufficient driving experience. However, motorists should remember that in the case of driving, common criticism is only a good thing. Therefore, we recommend that you listen to the advice of experienced drivers and hone your driving skills. In this small article, we will talk about the most common mistakes made by novice drivers.

An overly relaxed sitting position as well as the arbitrary position of your hands and legs help to relax especially if you are driving a nice car like a Chevrolet Malibu. However, if you are too relaxed, you might lose your concentration. Remember: the position of the driver should be such that he at any time has the opportunity to take emergency actions to prevent a car accident. A driver should always be ready to turn the steering wheel sharply and press the brake pedal.

Another characteristic mistake peculiar to novice drivers is the excessive tension, which points out to uncertainty and inability to navigate traffic. It is no surprising that a tense driver can forget to use signals or simply make a lot of unnecessary maneuvers. For example, an overstrain of the neck muscles interferes with a normal road overview. Therefore, before hitting the road, you must adopt the optimal position of the body. The muscles should be moderately relaxed and your attention should be focused on the road.

Do not do frequent lane changes or accelerate/brake sharply. The fact is that sharp acceleration alternating with braking will distract and irritate the driver of the car following yours. Therefore, one should refrain from sudden applications to the gas pedal. In addition, it is necessary to keep the optimum distance and not exceed the normal operating mode of the engine.

Another common thing for novice drivers is that they do not feel the pedals very well. Such drivers, as a rule, upshift prematurely whiling losing the dynamics of traffic due to large pauses when switching gears.

A failure to stop throttling in time causes you to use to the brakes too often. In addition, a car will slow down too sharply. If you do not feel the pedals well just yet, you must try to monitor the entire traffic flow but not just the car travelling in front of you. Novice motorists often brake too late, and accordingly, the braking happens too sharply. Remember that if the braking is too sudden, you can lose control due to wheel locking. Thus, you should try to keep the optimal distance and stay away from the temptation to change lanes even if you drive a nimble car like a Nissan Juke.

Some novice drivers also tend to release the steering wheel at one point or another. This is absolutely wrong. In addition, you are now advised to rest your hands on the lower section of the wheel but instead, your hands should be placed at 9 and 3.


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