The Secret Islands Of USA

The Secret Islands Of USA

The United States of America is a renowned location that attracts almost every other individual that longs to have an epic gate away moments in some of its unique, spectacular and celebrated spots. However, away from being a widely renowned tourist destination, the United States of America comprises of islands that are unspoiled and isolated from the public eye, that if you are not that inquisitive then you will always pass by without realizing some of these hidden gems. These isolated and secretive spots are either kept away from the public knowledge and information merely because of their confidential and sensitive nature or simply because of their locations and distance, that make them out of reach from many people. However, if you are eligible to free Esta renewal you might want to access and to explore these destination the next time you visit the USA for some epic and a memorable moment. Secretive as these islands might be, their names are however known and can clearly be identified as:
•Amelia Island

Situated north of Jacksonville in Florida, the Amelia Island edges to the coast of Georgia. On your way you will have a spectacular tour and expedition of the barrier island. While at the same time you will get to surf, watch sea oats and the sand dunes as well as to see the sharks’ tooth along the shore as well as to have a view at the Fort Clinch pier. You will be able to experience the southern hospitality while staying at one of Plantation’s tranquil villas in this island.

  • Cedar Key:

This island is located in the lesser developed area of the Big Bend. Itis rustic fishing village characterized with artists’ colony to deliver peace and tranquil environment. While here you will be able to watch the Bird from a kayak, see fish from the pier as you get to kick back and unwind in some of the many swanky rentals.

  • Madeline Island:

Located in Lake Superior off Wisconsin. This island has so many trappings of the tropical a tropical oasis such as he sandy beaches, sea caves, sailing charters to cliff jumping as well as stand up paddle boarding. It is also characterized with features such as historical light houses, ancient ship wreck, sea caves and numerous other features.

•Tangier Island:

Located about 12 miles off Virginia and covers an area of about 3 miles long and a mile wide.This is a completely different world with natives that speak in English that has a very thick accent that sounds like a cross between Queens English and the Old south English. This is a car less island that is mainly characterized with golf carts. Activities here comprises of century old tradition of harvesting crabs in the bay.

•Big Talbot Island

The Big Talbot Island located in Florida is another secretive island that will literally wow you with some of its dramatic 20 ft. bluffs that clearly defines its Atlantic jagged shoreline. Paired with pristine sandy stretch this island is nicknamed the Boneyard Beach because of the skeletons oak and the cedar trees that are found here. This secretive island is every nature photographer’s dream destination.

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