Think of Mixed Martial Art, Think of a MMA PRO

Think of Mixed Martial Art, Think of a MMA PRO

There are only few lucky people who can have their passion as their career. Most of the time people compromises on their passion to run after their career and that are just to fulfill the basic needs of family. However, there are people who get the chance to make their passion their profession but often don’t value it. Justin Nauling is an exception to this regard. Not only he was lucky enough to make his passion for mixed martial arts his career but valued it to core to turn it to a world-class level. His journey of becoming a master in MMA has been a real inspiration.

Through rigorous practice and extensive training, Justin Nauling has reached such a height today where people know him by name and admire him for his skills. It was not a smooth for Nauling. He too had his share of struggle and hardship. However, it is just because of his hard work he has by now become a specialist in mixed Martial Arts. Grown up in US, Justin Nauling started his career with Unites States Military. He started his career early and went on to join the military. There on he developed the passion for martial arts furthermore and went on to learn it completely.

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Not only was he focused on martial arts but also gave equal emphasis to other aspects of life as well. To him, education, professional life and personal front was equally important. He has always been enthusiastic enough to involve in numerous endeavors in life. His main focus was always on becoming the best in everything he takes up. This is one attitude that inspires all. His art, his techniques and his unerring zeal to win has brought him to the top position where from he can only see more and more success.

It was during his tenure in the US military that he gained more knowledge on mixed Martial Arts and became an expert. He gradually went further ahead and became a trainer. He got the honor to become the trained Designated Marksman in areas ranging to different skills and expertise. He also had the skill to train for Marine water survival and acquired to position of becoming a trainer. He even trained martial arts during his stint in Marine Corps. And it was from that point of time; Justin Nauling gradually grew interest in mixed martial arts.

From 2002 to 2004 he was at his peak of success. He got the honor of becoming a black belt instructor. Further he moved on to skill himself in Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing. He was extremely active during that phase and acquired a lot of recognition. Out of 7, he could easily manage to win 5 of them and lose on 2. He managed all his wins at Rage in Cage events. The most remarkable win of him was defeating Ray “Magical” Elbe which he accomplished in two rounds. With so much so, he truly ruled the chart.


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