Three Ways Businesses Benefit From Promotional Products

Virtually everyone likes a free gift. This is why promotional products have enjoyed a long and successful history, and have a promising future. Commemorative buttons were issued in 1879 to celebrate the election of President George Washington. Advertising calenders, rulers and wooden products date back to the early 19th century.

A study conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) shows how effective promotional products are. In a survey of consumers who had received a promotional product within the previous two years they found that:

  • 83% could recall the brand or company advertised.
  • They were more likely to have a favorable impression of the advertiser than if they had seen another form of advertising.
  • They were three times more likely to contact the advertiser than if they had seen another form of advertising.
  • Nearly 60 percent of recipients reported using the product multiple times.

Below are three ways in which businesses benefit from promotional products:

Brand Recognition

A simple, handy product with your logo can reinforce awareness of your brand with every use. Promotional products can be fun as well as functional, giving you the opportunity to be creative and come up with novel new ideas.

Lasting Impact

Promotional Products are a good way to get more mileage from your advertising budget. Individual items have a small price tag, but can increase customer loyalty much more effectively than a print or television advertisement. Most other forms of advertising may be seen by more people, but once seen they are easily forgotten.

Addition to Business Card

People hand out business cards all the time, and most tend to end up in unused piles. Leaving a branded product along with your business card helps it stand out from the rest, especially if the product is related to your business in some way; such as a key chain from and car dealership, or a USB drive from a computer company.

Promotional products can repeatedly remind customers of your business name and what you do, with no additional expenditure on your part. They are an inexpensive way to foster awareness and encourage repeat business. This is why so many marketers use promotional products as a valuable part of their marketing efforts.

Whitney Hammond is President of and got his start in the greeting card business at the ripe old age of eight, selling holiday cards off the back of Boys’ Life magazine to friends and family. The little tike was hoping to sell enough cards to qualify for the neat prizes featured on the magazine’s back cover.


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