Tips to Woo that Stranger Lady near You

Tips to Woo that Stranger Lady near You

While we are social creatures, for the majority of us, it is not easy at all to approach strangers. Things are even more difficult when you want to approach a stranger of the opposite sex, with the expectation of a date, or maybe even something more. Thankfully, with some presence of mind and practice, you can get skilled at this task. Here are a few tips to help you along.

Confidence is Key

While some awkwardness and bashfulness can seem adorable to most women, your best bet is to approach her rather nonchalantly and definitely with a smile. Establish eye contact with her, and try to hold her gaze. This simple test should, in fact, give you a very obvious clue as to whether you should proceed or not. If your glance makes no difference to her, and she continues immersed in whatever it is that she is doing, there is not much of a chance that you will get anywhere with her. If, instead, she does respond to your glance, begin a conversation with her.

Taking Things Forward

Keep the conversation interesting. This is easier said than done of course, but things are entirely up to you here. Pick up cues from the location that you are in, and launch some light and amusing talk, if possible. Whatever you do, steer clear of pick-up lines. They really do make a woman’s stomach churn, and she will never seriously consider having anything much to do with you. Once again, bring on the confidence, and don’t act desperate or like a stalker.

Know When to Leave

We reveal a lot of what we are thinking in our body language, and you should study hers for signs of how things are going, from her point of view. If she seems impatient – say, she is tapping her feet, or looking away from you, or casually mentions her boyfriend or partner, it is best that you politely end the conversation and walk away. Hey, this will only save you time that you can utilize trying to charm another woman!

Leave No Doubts about What You Expect

If, however, she is talking in an interested, animated manner, you should eventually make things plain to her. Tell her that it is only something casual you are looking for, someone fun to hang out with. If she is on the same page, you can move on to the next step finally. If not, you can still be glad that you engaged in a good conversation with an attractive, interesting woman.

Setting Things up for Later

There are many ways in which you can end your meeting when things are going your way. You can ask her to come away to a more private place, such as a café or a park, whatever it is that you like. If the time of the day does not permit this, you should still get a means of contact, such as a phone number or an e-mail address.

With all these working tips, how to pick up woman will no longer be a herculean task for the males.

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