Top 10 Things To Do In Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is one of the most interesting places in Sri Lanka, one of the Asian countries. While here, there are a number of activities one can indulge in to. But the following are what you should not miss to do:

1. Take Tours

· Take an open deck double Decker bus or van tour around the city in the evening and enjoy the green and lash environment.

· Get to mingle with the people of the land and you will enjoy the experience of the country.

2. Enjoy Sri Lanka Delicacies

· Take your time to enjoy one or two of the Sri Lankan delicacies.

· Along the beaches, you will have to enjoy a variety of sea foods that are prepared in the ancient Sri Lankan style.

· Make sure you don’t miss the snacks here for they taste great. The snacks can be found easily along the streets.

3. Do Shopping

· Shop for arts in the country known for the great pieces of art materials.

· In Colombo National Museum, you will find several paints, sculptures and sketches dating back to the ancient times.

· Have a visit at the departmental stores. Choose from thousands of woven hand bags, designer clothing, furniture and other commodities found both in shops and shopping malls.

4. Pay a Visit to the Temples

· There are several temples in Colombo.

· The most notable one is the Gangarama Vihara temple decorated with Buddhist art, beautiful brass and unique stone carvings.

· The temple houses a museum holding ancient Hindus worship items.

· In it, you will find a residential hall and a place of learning.

5. Play the Famous Games

· Play several games with the locals.

· The famous games here include cricket and golf.

· There are golf clubs like the Royal Colombo Golf Club where you can play with the locals.
6. View National Parks and Zoo

· Take visit zoological gardens like the Dehiwala Zoological Garden see a variety of Asian plants, animals and birds all living harmoniously within the same environment.

· The experience here is worthy to remember.

7. Get a Massage at the Spas

· Along the coastal area, here are several spas built in the state of art technology.

· You will get professional massage from well trained masseur who is well versed with all massages including the Swedish and Shiatsu.

8. Get Wild in Leisure Activities

· There are several activities for leisure here in Colombo.

· Boat riding, roller coaster among others are very famous. Riding is also offered to both children and adults.

· One will live to remember a ride in a three wheel chariot.

9. Enjoy the Night Life

· The people of Colombo love partying till dawn.

· Several night clubs, bars and casinos line up the streets where you can go and chill out.

· Drinks, both local and international are offered in reduced competitive prices.

10. Buy Some Local Art

· Buy a piece of art material at the streets or arts market.

· One will find a variety to choose from including sculpture of goddesses, paintings and sketches too.

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