Types of Indian breads that you can eat for your main course

Types of Indian breads that you can eat for your main course

Like rice the other staple food of India is the types of bread available in the country. Each region has its own unique flavours of bread and they are a must for almost every meal. No meal is complete with the typical Indian bread. The varieties of flatbreads in India reflect the variety of cuisines found within the single cuisine of India. There are several types of breads produced in the subcontinent that will surely wake up your taste buds. They are good for your health as well so try out each of them and make your family happy by trying out new types of bread for them.

Instead of making various kinds of curries or other preparations every day, you can try making these various kinds of breads which will make every day meal more tasty and yummy. Take a look at this article to learn more about some of these bread types which you will give you a fair idea about the best kinds of breads produced in India.

Malabar paratha is a delicacy that originated in the state of Kerala. The barota as it is called is actually a type of unleavened flatbread that tastes very well when served with curries. It’s crispy, flaky and soft. This layered paratha has no stuffing and it is made in a very unique. You can get the recipe easily form the internet. So, next time before the guest comes do try out this popular Indian delicacy.

In eastern India, the most famous flatbread is Luchi and this easy to make bread is also a staple breakfast food. Made of maida flour, it is deep fried in white oil. Sometimes it is stuffed as well, and it is then called Kachori, which is another delicacy of eastern India. Although kachoris are available in certain parts if India and they are not necessary always a luchi filled with stuffing but in eastern India that is the case.

Coming to the western part of India one of the best bread is the thepla. The dhebra or thepla originated in Gujarat. It is made out of millet flour and sometimes coriander and fenugreek leaves and these leaves give this flatbread a very different taste.

One of the most well-known bread of north India is the makki ki roti. It is a delicacy of Punjab. This unleavened bread is made of corn meal. This yellow coloured flatbread is generally eaten with sarson da saag in northern India.

The well-known bread of central India is the baati. This hard bread has a high amount of nutrition and one of the best things about this bread is that it requires less water to make it so it is popular in dry areas. It is eaten along with dal and that is why it is called dal bati churma especially in Rajasthan.

These are the most famous bread types that are eaten by people of the Indian subcontinent. They are not so hard to make and serving them hot to your friends and family will surely make them fall in love with your cooking. Even just serving them hot only with aachar, papad and yoghurt can complete someone’s meal.


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