Venice – A Wonderful Part of Your Italian Holiday

Any visit to Italy is incomplete without a few days in the wonderful city of Venice. The city has found great involvement in art forms of the world for ages has been regarded as a unique aspect of human civilization and is, most importantly, a mind blowing experience to travel in. Here is all you need to know about the city of Venice and your travel in it.

Getting to Venice

You can get to Venice in several ways, including train, flight, bus and hired cars. The method you chose would depend on your budget, time scale and the manner of your arrival. Remember what while buses cars and trains take more time, they also offer you an amazing view of the local country side all the way from, say, Rome to Italy.

Venice Holiday

Where to Stay

There are several hotels available in the area and are of various prices and standards, so you do not have to worry about shelling out more money than you have. The hotels right next to the main channel are definitely a bit more lucrative, so make sure you check out a few of the options before you book one. You can either book a hotel online before you reach Venice, or, if you have a taste for adventure, book one on the spot. Remember, however, that Venice receives a vast number of tourists every year and it is quite possible that the city has few hotel rooms remaining that you can avail. It is, in our opinion, a good idea to avoid unnecessary risks.

Italian Holiday

Things to Do

One of the most common and rewarding experiences of Venice is travelling through the main channel in a Gondola at sunset. You can take an evening off with your loved one or your family and spend it in style on a gondola slowly traversing through the length of the city and basking in the sheer elegance of the architecture, and ambience, the smell of water, and the sounds of the city. It is a unique experience that you cannot get anywhere else, so do not forget to do it.


Venice is also famous for its various art museums. There are several of them and they offer you with the very best of Italian art over the centuries that it has been famous for. Do not be surprised to come across some of the most prominent artists of the world in the museums there. Several people go to Venice time and again simply to check out the art that it has to offer.


Planning the trip

If Venice is a single stop in your long tour of the country, then you may want a travel agent such as voyage Italie Uniktour to take care of your lodging and travel. This would take a lot off your mind and you will be able to concentrate better on the city and enjoy yourself to the fullest while you are in Venice.


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