Want to start a conversation with that beautiful lady?

Want to start a conversation with that beautiful lady?

Where or when you meet an attractive and beautiful lady is difficult to predict. The opportunity may not wait for when you are ready, nor is it necessary that such a chance will repeat. Hence, you should be prepared to seize the opportunity, should it strike.

Did you meet an interesting woman at the waiting room while you are going through the waiting process as well? Isn’t it interesting how you come across interesting women at the most unexpected of places? You may not be dressed in your best clothes, nor really expecting that this would be where you would find someone who is so attractive. However, this chance may not come up again, so don’t sit around thinking too much and wish to grab the opportunity to make friends with her. Here’s how you can get her interested in you too. Start off by grabbing a comprehensive knowhow of what are good conversation starters. Build confidence in you and walk up to the lady with a smile and start talking.

Smart conversation skills and great confidence

All it takes is your conversation skills and confidence to strike that first impression. So don’t waste the opportunity while it presents itself. It helps to prepare for such emergency situations if you have an idea of what would be good to strike up a conversation.

Why don’t you walk up to her and talk about something neutral, say the weather? This is a topic that no one would have any problem discussing. Smile and look confident as you stride up to her. Ask about the weather, or you can even make a comment on it and ask for her feedback. If this doesn’t seem such a good idea, you can ask her where she’s headed or make some casual conversation on a similar topic.

There are many things that you could speak about. However, seeing the situation that you guys have met in, you could actually make it a point of humor by saying that it is truly embarrassing to meet a beautiful woman and catching up on a conversation with her in this manner. You would rather prefer to meet her for a cup of coffee. Give her a benefit of laughing it out and make her feel comfortable.

Give her the opportunity to talk

Once the lady is comfortable in talking to you, the battle is half won! Make sure that you give her ample opportunity to talk as well, as women are least interested in men who boast or continue with a monologue about whatever the topic is. Look for cues to continue the conversation from what she discusses. You can also compliment her on something she’s wearing and tell her how good she looks in it.

Be genuine in your talk, don’t boast or be overbearing. Don’t ask too personal questions right away, and avoid sarcasm or criticizing anything. Try to build that rapport and make eye-contact throughout your conversation. Welcome an opportunity to meet again, and don’t wait till the last minute to find out more about her. If she finds you interesting, she wouldn’t hesitate to share this information with you.

There is so much to be discovered when you make a new friend. Everything about the other person is an enigma to you, and so is it to the other person. So, this is an opportunity to find out everything about each other, and should provide you enough topics to start off conversations. Make use of good conversation starters and you can set the ball rolling at any time, at any place and at any given situation!


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