What information should I provide for my injury claim lawyer?

What information should I provide for my injury claim lawyer?

The injury claims process is designed to minimise the involvement of claimant as much as possible, giving them time to recover. However, you will still need to provide your injury claim lawyer with information relating to your claim for the process to begin.

Information that will be asked of you by your solicitor will include:

The date your accident happened

To be eligible to make a claim for compensation your personal injury must have happened within the last three years. This is known as your Date of Knowledge or your Date of Limitation. It is the date your injuries became clear. Your solicitor needs this date so that they can ascertain whether or not your case is affected by time.

How your accident happened

You will be interviewed either by telephone or in person by your solicitor to ascertain exactly how your accident happened, however your lawyer should have a general idea about how your accident happened from the outset.

So when you contact your solicitor, explain as best you can how your accident happened and provide them with a write-up that is as detailed as possible at the interview stage. If you have had a road traffic accident, then it may also be helpful to draw an illustration.

Evidence supporting your claim

If you collected any evidence at the scene of your accident then you should provide this to your lawyer in injury claims. Evidence might include photographs you took at the scene of your accident or witness statements you collected. It might even include dash-cam footage.

You are actually obligated to provide any evidence that refutes or backs up your claim to your solicitor at the beginning of the claims process or as soon as it becomes available. Your solicitor will explain this to you, however if any evidence is cannot substantiate or refute your claim, it can be discarded. It is still best to consult your solicitor beforehand though.

Medical records

You will sign a consent form giving your solicitor access to all medical records relevant to your claim however it is still worthwhile disclosing any pre-existing medical conditions to your solicitor, so that there are no surprises further along the claims process.

Bills, wage slips and receipts

If you are also making a claim for ‘special damages’, which is the compensation awarded for out of pocket expenses and loss of earnings, then your solicitor will require from you documents supporting your financial hardships. This may include bus tickets, taxi slips, wage slips and overtime slips, pharmacy receipts or other documents. Your solicitor will tell you what they need from you in order to substantiate your special damages claim.


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