Why is playing team sports so much better than the gym?

Why is playing team sports so much better than the gym?

Gyms are really having a moment – all the celebs seem to be hitting the gym, decked out in the latest fitness gear, smugly posting the pictures on Instagram – but what if the gym isn’t for you? Well take a look below at a few reasons why team sports are much more rewarding than sweating on a treadmill…

You get to make new friends – There is nothing like joining a sports team to strike up new friendships – with one common interest in the sport, you can meet other people who enjoy the same thing, and it can form close friendships with people you may never have even spoken to at a gym!

Team sports can help with stress – When you are contributing to a team, it can help you to focus on the game and take your mind off other worries – and of course we all know exercise releases those good old feel good hormones endorphins! It can help you with encouraging others as well, which will boost self-esteem.

It can help you at work – Think about it – in most jobs, you are required to work as part of a team, so by joining a sports team, you are getting a little more experience of team behaviour that can really boost your career, such as setting goals and sticking to them, and communication skills. If you are part of a soccer team for example, think about how you can improve player’s tactics, view Sportplans latest soccer drill videos here – if you are thinking of team improvement on and off the pitch, your career will really feel the benefit.

You can enjoy things that you loved as a child – or discover new things! – If you really loved cricket, for example as a kid, but adult life got in the way, why not find a local team and get back into it? You will be happier doing something that you love, and you will find it will have an impact on your whole life – it gives you something that you look forward to doing, and your body will certainly thank you as you will be much fitter and healthier for it! If there is a sport that you always fancied but never got the chance to do, give it a try! You may find that your enthusiasm makes you very good at it and you will never know without trying.


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