Why you should buy a used motorcycles

Why you should buy a used motorcycles

The progressive increase in the popularity of motorbikes has been necessitated by their necessity in the day to day life activities. The social status of many is constantly increasing to the levels where they can afford to buy motorbikes.

In addition, the wealthy have also come to realize that even though they can afford the fuel guzzlers, they surely need motorbikes to access some of the very remote areas that they won’t be able to access with their vehicles. Motorbikes are therefore today held with the greatest respect by all classes of people in the society.

The increased need of these machines has also led to an increase in motorcycle sale. The companies that existed before are now able to produce and sell more units within a unit time. In addition, other entrepreneurs who have seen the value of venturing in to this business have also come in to boost the sale of motorbikes.

New motorbikes can at times be quite expensive for many to afford and that’s why there are lots of pre owned motorcycles for sale for such categories of people.

The cost of used motorcycles can be as little as a third the cost of the same motor bike when it was new. What you really need to know is that their performance value is almost the same. It is absolute that a new motorbike will last quite longer than the pre owned motorbikes but that does not mean that the latter will not give you the value for your money. The pre owned motorbikes are certified for re sale.

When you go to buy a pre owned motorcycle that has fulfilled all the required standards for certification, if you are not aware that pre owned motorbikes do exist, you may end up thinking that you have a very new motorbike.

  • This is because the bikes are always taken for refurbishment and carefully inspected by its manufacturer thereby being sold with an extended warranty.
  • This makes the motorbikes to be worth their price. This is the direct opposite of the used bikes. Whereas pre owned bikes are certified by the manufacturer before sale, the used bikes are not.
  • This is one reason why used bikes tend to be cheaper than the pre owned bikes. If you have the means, you would better buy a pre owned bike than the used bikes.

The increase warranty length is indisputably one of the factors that give you the peace of mind when you get to buy a pre owned bike. These warranties are not any different from those given when buying a new bike. They are as comprehensive as the original warranty given when the motorcycle was bought for the first time. The only difference is the duration of time for the warranty.

The warranties for pre owned bikes are always shorter than those of used bikes but you will still be surprised to get a pre owned bike that has a warranty extending up to even five years.

One thing that is for sure is the fact that the brand company never dissociates itself from any legal sale of their units. They want the reputation of their company to be as solid as ever before.


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