Yuvraj faces “Off- field” battle against dirty claims regarding “Harassment’ By Ex Bhabhi Akanksha

Yuvraj faces “Off- field” battle against dirty claims regarding “Harassment’ By Ex Bhabhi Akanksha

Yuvraj singh is known for bringing nightmares to his opponents on the filed by hitting those big hits down the ground, But our very own “Sixer King” now faces the fierce battle of “Domestic Violence” allegations in his own backyard as his ex bhabhi and former big boss contestant Akanksha Sharma filed a case against him and his family over “Domestic Violence” allegations in the Gurugram court.

Akanksha Sharma, ex big boss contestant got into news once she got married Yuvi’s younger brother Zoravar singh. The Duo went good till they decided to get apart just after 4 months into their wedding and it was since then only Akansha is spilling beans to bringing the family to disgrace every now and then. Moreover, Yuvi’s mother has also filed a case against her Ex- daughter in law to recover all the precious “Gifts” she gave as a matter of affection. It’s worth mentioning here that this is the same Akanksha Sharma who first used the family’s “Brand Value “to gain huge popularity which further landed him into the Bigg boss house and then started defaming the family whilst in the house just to seek attention for raising the TRP’s of the show. Moreover, she always stated that Yuvraj was never a part of this controversy and she got all the respect for him but just in a matter of few years, she changed her views and now blaming him and his family for all the woes of her life. While this was not enough, she went further to blame Yuvi for smoking “Marijuana” which certainly confirms her approach of getting “Cheap Publicity” out of all this.

We will keep bringing you further updates on the same as the case is set to be heard on Oct 21 2017 at Gurugram Court.


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